August 3, 2016

65 Million Americans Would Like To Work But Can't Risk Losing Their Entitlements

At the DNC last week, Anastasia Somoza, who has cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia, took to the stage to deliver an emotionally-stirring speech advocating for the rights of disabled people across the country.  She also took the opportunity to brand Trump as a candidate that "feeds off of fear and division" and "shouts, bullies and profits off of the vulnerable Americans" while describing Hillary as someone who "sees her."  Unsurprisingly, this is a narrative which has reverberated with America's media outlets as they couldn't help but assist the Democrats in their effort to exploit help Anastasia in her quest to elect Hillary.

Just today, Bloomberg published an article entitled "These Government Rules Trap Millions of Americans in Poverty" that details the personal stories of various folks with disabilities who are willing and able to work but don't out of fear of oppressive rules which could result in the loss of their government benefits. Take the case of Susanne Brasset, who says she only keeps $5 in her bank account because she's "scared to save more" due to the risk that she might lose her social security "medicaid and other crucial benefits".  Brasset goes on to confirm that:

"There’s more money I could be making, but I’m discouraged by all the rules I need to adhere to.”

How rude!  We're truly disgusted that our government would seek to oppress the country's benefit recipients with outlandish rules aimed at determining a person's financial wherewithal prior to doling out billions of taxpayer dollars.  This country claims it wants to protect its citizens but blatant taxpayer protections like this only serve to permanently impoverish marginalized segments of our electorate.  Bloomberg describes these taxpayer protections as rules that are:

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