September 23, 2015

Top UK Hedge Fund Manager Admits: "Central Banks Made The Rich Richer"

With each passing day, the lies and fictions we have been exposing since 2009 - from HFT, to the truth about QE, to the ultimate downfall of central banks through their own actions - are being debunked ever faster, called out and/or confirmed by increasingly more "serious" people, those who have benefited and been protected by the lie itself.

Case in point, an Op-Ed by Paul Marshall, CIO of Marshall Wace, one of the London's and Europe's largest hedge funds, with an AUM of $22 billion (so he probably knows what he is talking about) which is a tour de force of slamming the countless lies shoved down the population's throat every single day just so the rich can get richer.

Labour’s new shadow chancellor has got at least one thing right. Amid the brickbats thrown at John McDonnell, there is a nagging failure to acknowledge the validity of one part of his critique of the money-creation programmes of the four leading central banks. Quantitative easing, as this policy is known, has bailed out bonus-happy banks and made the rich richer. 

It is a surprise that the UK opposition party and other leftwingers have not made more of this. Maybe they thought it was too complicated. It isn’t really, and it might appeal to voters’ sense of justice far more effectively than threats to raise the top rate of income tax or to introduce a financial transactions tax (which Mr McDonnell also supports).

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