September 16, 2016

10 Things That Every American Should Know About Donald Trump’s Plan To Save The U.S. Economy

Can Donald Trump turn the U.S. economy around?  This week Trump unveiled details of his new economic plan, and the mainstream media is having a field day criticizing it.  But the truth is that we simply cannot afford to stay on the same path that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have us on right now.  Millions of jobs are being shipped out of the country, the middle class is dying, poverty is exploding, millions of children in America don’t have enough food, and our reckless spending has created the biggest debt bubble in the history of the planet.  Something must be done or else we will continue to steamroll toward economic oblivion.  So is Donald Trump the man for the hour?

If you would like to read his full economic plan, you can find it on his official campaign website.  His plan starts off by pointing out that this has been the weakest “economic recovery” since the Great Depression…

#1 Donald Trump would lower taxes on the middle class
#2 Donald Trump would lower taxes on businesses
#3 Childcare expenses would be exempt from taxation
#4 U.S. manufacturers will be allowed to immediately fully expense new plants and equipment
#5 A temporary freeze on new regulations
#6 All existing regulations would be reviewed and unnecessary regulations would be eliminated
#7 Donald Trump would fundamentally alter our trade relationships with the rest of the globe
#8 Donald Trump’s plan would be a tremendous boost for the U.S. energy industry
#9 Trump would repeal Obamacare

#10 Trump’s plan says nothing about the Federal Reserve

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