October 1, 2015

The American Public Will Get Screwed Again…Just Like in 2008

Wall Street legend Carl Icahn just posted a warning to America...
During the 1980s, Icahn built a reputation as a feared “corporate raider.” He buys huge stakes in “broken” companies…takes a seat on the board…and tries to turn the companies around. He’s an “activist investor,” and it’s made him one of the thirty richest people on the planet.
Now, Icahn says it’s America that’s broken. On Monday night, he released a 15-minute video called “Danger Ahead.” In the video, he talks about huge problems facing the U.S. economy.
Low interest rates are one of Icahn’s biggest worries. He calls them “a scary issue,” and says borrowing money is “like taking a drug.”
Here’s Icahn:
…low rates, by almost definition, [are] building bubbles; building real estate bubbles; building bubbles even in the art market.
•  For some Americans, Icahn’s message is a wake-up call…

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