January 31, 2018

US Futures Rebound After Trump's SOTU Speech; Dollar Slide Resumes Ahead Of Fed

S&P futures rebounded 0.3% from the worst two-day selloff since Sept. 2016, and European and Asian stocks rose modestly from early weakness after Trump's SOTU address did not deliver any major surprises, while traders were cautious ahead of the Fed’s last rate decision under Janet Yellen’s leadership expected to lean on the hawkish side.

On Tuesday, U.S. stocks tumbled amid concerns about a recent sharp rally in bond yields. Health-care shares slumped after Amazon.com, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan agreed to collaborate on ways to offer health-care services to their employees; drugmakers will be in the spotlight again as Trump says prescription drug prices will come down "substantially."

Despite the recent drop, it’s been a stellar month for stock markets, with major gains across most major gauges that were followed this week by the MSCI All-Country World Index’s biggest two-day slide since September 2016. Investors will now focus on Wednesday’s Federal Reserve rate decision, the ongoing earnings season and more big economic data points to see if the uptrend can resume.

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump sought to connect his presidency to the nation’s prosperity in his first State of the Union address, arguing the U.S. has arrived at a “new American moment” of wealth and opportunity. Trump vowed the “era of economic surrender is over,” but stopped short of naming the targets of his efforts to narrow the U.S.’s ballooning trade deficit, which prevented a major market reaction.

Trump also stated the US is finally seeing rising wages and that unemployment claims have hit a 45-year low. Trump also called on Congress to produce a bill that generates at least USD 1.5tln for new infrastructure investment and said that they will work to fix bad trade deals.

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