May 21, 2019

Beijing Warns Of "Unwavering Resolve" In Huawei Fight, Accuses Washington Of "Bullying & Blackmail"

As the anti-American sloganeering reaches an unprecedented level of froth (there's now an unofficial trade war 'fight song') across China, the Commerce Department has softened its anti-Huawei stance, calling for a 90-day reprieve  to allow American broadband companies more time to work out a 'Plan B'.

The delay will cover continued operation of existing networks and equipment, as well as support to existing handsets and other limited actions, according to Bloomberg.

But that's not even the biggest trade headline of the morning, as analysts wonder how Beijing will retaliate for the war on Huawei. Anyone who thinks Beijing won't respond is being naive, China's ambassador to the EU warned Tuesday. China will provide a "necessary response" to Washington's "wrong behavior."

"This is wrong behavior, so there will be a necessary response," Zhang Ming, China’s envoy to the EU, said in an interview in Brussels on Monday. "Chinese companies’ legitimate rights and interests are being undermined, so the Chinese government will not sit idly by."

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