May 17, 2019

Trade Optimism Fizzles As China Says No Plans For More Talks

Well, it looks like President Trump finally did it. He finally pushed Beijing so hard on Huawei that they had no choice but to respond.

The Chinese weren't kidding when they warned that Washington's latest aggression toward Huawei - adding the Chinese telecoms giant to a blacklist that will make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for Huawei to buy components from American companies - might crash trade talks.

Because after the Commerce Department formally added Huawei to the blacklist, the Chinese media and Chinese officials turned up the rhetoric, warning that there are no plans for another round of talks. Markets didn't take this well: Chinese stocks plunged 2.5% overnight on Friday - a big drop, though still not as bad as the 3% decline from last Monday,the market's worst day in three years. European shares didn't fare much better because, as one analyst explained to Bloomberg...

"The China state media commentaries fueled concerns that the U.S.-China trade disputes will prolong, deterring risk-taking," said Koji Fukaya, chief executive officer at FPG Securities Co. in Tokyo. "This issue will probably be one of the major market drivers for a while as U.S.-China trade war influences global economic conditions."

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